Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where do remittances come from?

Courtesy of the Inter-American Development Bank, we get this nice map breaking down the sources of US remittance flows to Latin America by state (click to enlarge).

No real surprises here but it's a kinda nice map, no?


  1. Only two comments to make

    1) The cream colour regions would be better labelled "Insufficient Latin American Population" (and ditch the data)

    2) Arizoname!

  2. sorry man, but it's a crap map. how hard would it have been to add a column to their spreadsheet for $ of GDP of each state, or just total population of each state, to normalize the numbers? based on this, i have no idea whether, for example, oklahomans are unusually generous toward latin america per capita, or whether an unusually high portion of the state gdp is wired off to el salvador from south carolina. if you have the original data, we could make a much better map in 15 minutes...

  3. not many latinos in detroit or pittsburgh, it seems

  4. Don't tell me you guys have joined Borev among the disappeared!