Friday, May 21, 2010

News and Notes on the Colombia Election

Always a lot of coverage of the Colombian presidential election, and today is no exception, so here are just a few links to some interesting bits and pieces:


  1. If I didn't know better, I'd say you have a horse in this race...a certain bearded bolivarian Trojan horse!

    Seriously, where's the dirt on Mockus?
    How do we know his army of mimes didn't falsify the number of frowns they turned upside down?

    (Unlike Arizona law enforcement, who enforce frowns to the fullest extent of the law)

    As usual the European tourist gets a free ride, while the Latino gets investigated.

    (Too easy. I have some standards, you know...)

  2. P.S.

    With all due respect & sensitivity to the issues at hand...

    (Concepts that are the real aliens in Arizona...)

    ♥♥ Teresa Bo ♥♥ = SWOON! SWOON!

    I've asked around, & people tell me I'm not losing my heterosexuality when I say this...
    Whenever I hear that Jimmy song, I think of her...
    (Rule is, to keep being straight, you have to swap "Jimmy" for any girl you're into)

    When you go Rwanda, Congo
    Take me on your genocide tour
    Take me on a truck to Darfur
    Take me where you would go

    Got static on the satellite phone
    Got to get you safe at home
    Gonna get you somewhere warm
    So you get me all alone

    Jimmy aaja
    Jimmy aaja
    Jimmy aaja
    Jimmy aaja

    Yup! Only M.I.A. can get you horny about aid workers & reporters in conflict zones XXXO! XXXO! XXXO!