Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where is Lat/Am Daily?

That's what maladjusted would like to know. After triumphantly announcing his return, Lat/Am Daily's Peter Krupa seems to have, errr, disappeared again.


  1. It's like every bookmark with the word "Lat/Am" in it just disappeared.

    Everyone's favourite review of Lat/Am news stopped, because buddy's got to work on his dissertation.

    Then my Lat/Am CEPR subscription goes on hiatus, because Mark Weisbrot wants to save Greece.

    Now Gringo Juan's little Lat/Am site goes all BoRev & disappears.

    If these Lat/Am folks stop providing their free services...we'll have to type our own keywords into Google News!

    (Now I know what rich White people from Arizona are going through...)

  2. P.S. To show solidarity with the cutest 2nd grader EVER, I will continue my comedic barrage against Arizona.

    Steve Nash wears a "Los Suns" jersey everytime he hits the court...
    Paul Escobar works Arizona into every post he submits to Structurally Maladjusted.

    Clearly, me & Steve Nash are awesome!