Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Update

It's late and I'm sunburned, so let's get to this:

In solidarity,

Structurally Maladjusted


  1. This one:

  2. We've had Chavez & Co. on Twitter for years now. It was called AP & Reuters.
    Hours-long speeches condensed into shocking one-sentence headlines.

    But I did break a promise to my bro, and joined Twitter just to follow the wicked one.

    Chavez on Twitter is like seeing Castro in Adidas. It's bad, and bad-ass at the same time.

    He needs to get M.I.A. on that bitch. Post nothing but Lady Gaga disses & links to profane revolutionary gangsta rap songs.

    Occasionally, he could go all Alan Greenspan, & just post outlandish & cryptic shit. Have the world guessing whether he'll devalue or just straight-up invade Colombia.

    As for graffiti, I like the sepia-toned work on the bottom-right: CLICK ME OR DIE!
    At the very least, state-sanctioned vandalism should spruce up the place.

  3. Escobar..exactly, now that is some tweeting I would be down on. Nice reference to M.I.A. also. Until I see something like that though, no tweeter for me.

    And nice choices, Otto that's my personal runner-up.

  4. Jakob

    Admire your George Clooney-esque resistance to fads.

    Et al.,

    Chavez avoids Twitter-induced international incident: CLICK ME OR DIE

    Be honest...
    How many of you thought he'd lose his cool & threaten to send the Los Zetas to her house?