Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chile's new ambassador to Argentina

Last week maladusted brought you the controversy surrounding the idiotic and neanderthal comments made by Chile's now former ambassador to Argentina. Long story short, Mr. Otero told people the Pinochet dictatorship wasn't a big deal or anything, cuz, you know, "most chileans didn't feel its impact."

Piñera proceeded to fire his ass and now hired a new guy named Adolfo Zaldívar. Well, courtesy of the always irreverent The Clinic, here's what Zaldívar had to say about his new boss late last year:
"Sebastian Piñera is the purest expression of the concentration of wealth and speculative capital that rules the world. He is not in a position to guarantee a behavior in line with what Chile needs from its head of state."
Awkward. Awkward indeed.

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  1. Sounds like an improvement from Otero to me.