Sunday, June 27, 2010

Presidential edition of Whats Wrong With This Picture?


Last Wednesday the Washington Post style section ran a story on the front page about Oliver Stone's new movie "South of the Border". The story included a picture of the six current South American presidents that Stone interviewed. But, wait, there was one tiny little problem...take a look at the picture below:

(Top, Chavez, Correa and de Kirchner. Bottom, Lugo, Morales and da Silva)

You may have noticed, something is it yet??? Answer and more after the jump.

Well, in case your eyes are bad, let's get a close up of the mis-pic:

Yes, that would be the picture provided for Evo Morales, first indigenous president of Bolivia, that Evo Morales. Really WaPo? Really? How do you fuck up a photo of Evo? And who is that other guy in the picture?

Well, over at the "South of the Border" website they have some video clips from the film, and I'm pretty sure the picture the WaPo used is of the guy with Evo who is translating for Stone. Check it out for yourself:

One might presume that the photo the Post used was taken from the movie, which begs the question, were you really confused as to who the President of Bolivia is in this scene? And since the answer is clearly no, how might someone fuck this up? Well, I'll leave it to your theory wins a prize (yet to be determined).

On the other hand, at least someone over at the Post finally noticed, and today we get this:

A set of pictures with a June 23 Style article about film director Oliver Stone included an incorrect photograph for Bolivian President Evo Morales, one of several leftist leaders Stone meets in his documentary "South of the Border." Morales is pictured here.

Unfortunately, the online article doesn't have a picture, so I tracked down today's Post, and here's the updated picture for Morales:

Okay, maybe not. That's just Stone rockin' a Chullo, but ya never know...the Post just never ceases to amaze.

(h/t to my local bodega for having a Wednesday edition Post lying around)

UPDATE: Thanks to El Duderino for letting us know in comments the name of the WaPo's errant "Morales", Government Minister Sacha Llorenti. 


  1. OttoTheory™: They got Jackson Diehl to do the pagesetting.

  2. OMG! That's Government Minister Sacha Llorenti. But, you know, all those brown people look the same. lol

  3. Llorenti's cute, but Evo's still cuter. Epic WaHoPo Fail!