Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pinera's approval rating now 54%

Chile's Center for the Study of Contemporary Reality (CERC, for it's spanish initials) today released the results of it's new public opinion poll. It shows Piñera's approval rating at a solid 54%. Though not directly comparable, this is one point higher than the Adimark poll released last month.

Not surprisingly, Piñera's approval rating is significantly lower in the areas most affected by last February's earthquake, coming in at 48%.

On an interesting side note, the CERC poll also shows that while Piñera's approval is high, 68% still want Bachelet to be president again. This is the bizarre state of affairs of Chilean politics today. One of the most successful political coalitions in the history of Latin America is voted out of office and replaced by a centrist conservative pledging change...who then proceeds to behave exactly like the coalition he replaced while his predecessor remains as popular as ever.

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