Friday, March 12, 2010

The Count


...Is the number of tarps distributed to those in need of shelter after the Earthquake in Haiti. Sure sounds like a lot right? Unfortunately, this will only provide the most basic shelter for less than half of those in need. The earthquake, which is estimated to have killed over 200,000, also left 1.3 million Haitians homeless and in need of shelter. The earthquake was an unprecedented tragedy, but the upcoming rainy season (always dangerous in Haiti even absent the most devastating earthquake ever) will likely lead to a second humanitarian crisis. The rainy season will begin in earnest within a month, and rain has already begun to fall (leading to at least 13 deaths already). Shelter is the most pressing need right now in Haiti.

Wait, does anyone really believe that a tarp or two is going to be sufficient? Really?


  1. Reminds me of a piece Teresa Bo (swoon! swoon!) posted on February 10th:

    These were the words of President Rafael Correa in Quito during the UNASUR summit whose members met to find alternative ways to help Haiti:
    "President [Rene] Preval tells me that every one dollar spent in aid only 1 cent reaches Haiti.
    We need to strengthen the South-South approach to help Haiti. The North-South approach has failed. It creates dependency, and when a tragedy occurs, developed nations run to send aid that is generally mismanaged, inappropriate and brought into a country through NGOs."

    UNASUR members made a commitment on Tuesday to create a $100m fund that will help in reconstruction efforts but also that will help to strengthen Haiti's government, institutions and economy.

    But Preval looked worried. He said "I'm nervous. I have to go back to my country and I cannot talk about a long term plan. My people still do not have enough tents and it's raining. What aid can you give me now?"

    The president's of UNASUR looked shocked. They were trying to show the difference between themselves and countries like the US.

    They were talking about long term commitments and here was Preval demanding immediate assistance. It seems incredible that after the amount of aid that has been sent to Haiti the government is still begging for tents.

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