Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bolivia, Argentina, Natural Gas and Doomsayers

Remember when the sky was going to fall down in Bolivia because Evo nationalized the natural gas industry? Well, it hasn't happened yet, and with a recent spate of investments and a nice lil contract with CFK, it looks like the doomsayers are going to have some 'splainin to do (or more likely they'll just keep lying through their teeth, but whatever). Reuters, with a pretty nice article really:

Bolivia will quadruple natural gas exports to Argentina by 2021 under a deal signed on Friday that extends the deadline by nearly a decade for the Andean nation to boost fuel exports to its wealthier neighbor.

But Evo's scaring off foreign investment you say? There's no way he will be able to do this with them, well Reuters continues:

But a consortium led by Repsol unveiled plans in late 2009 to invest $1.5 billion to boost natural gas output, and last month Total launched a gas exploration project, saying it may invest up to $500 million in the impoverished nation.

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