Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heritage Makes Me Angry....

The Heritage Foundation blog has a post from some young 'un on how the Bolivian army will now use the slogan "Patria o Muerte, venceremos". Apparently they don't get the irony like we do. But in any case the post begins with "The Cold War is supposed to be over, and the murderous ideology of Marxist-Leninist revolution either tempered by capitalism and consumerism in China or Vietnam, or confined behind the grim ramparts of communist throwbacks like Cuba and North Korea." But really the only ones still fighting the cold war are the Heritage Foundation and their ilk. Get past a slogan, and you'll see that Bolivia is one of the most successful countries in the hemisphere, regardless of ideology or rhetoric.

Best economic growth in the region in 2009, yup, that belongs to Bolivia. So good that even the IMF, yeah, THAT IMF, is praising Bolivia for their economic policies. Unless Heritage thinks the IMF has all of a sudden gone the way of Marxism, they should seriously take a reality check and stop letting "young leaders" who don't know shit post on their blog.

The people in Bolivia who are still fighting the cold war, its not Evo, its the fascist assholes who are trying to overthrow the government because their president cares about people who aren't rich and white.

This "young leader" from Heritage writes that "Bringing back the ghost of Guevara is a great way to shore up support for Morales not only in Latin America but throughout the world." You know what else is a great way to "shore up support", implement policies that the majority of your country approves of. Oh and taking the lead role in pushing for better climate policy on the world stage might make just a few people happy "throughout the world".

Personally, I think it is slightly amusing that the military slogan was changed, but why I think Evo is legit, is because his policies are legit. Maybe the folks at Heritage are the ones who should stop fighting the cold war.

Rant over.

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