Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ragin' Cajun Heads to Colombia

Yeah, thats right, James Carville is back in Latin America, this time in Colombia as an advisor to the even more hawkish (if that's possible) presidential favorite in Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

Carville, of "Old School" fame....oh right, he was also the lead strategist for Bill Clinton's presidential run, is not new to the region. For those who haven't seen "Our Brand is Crisis", well, I'll let the Democracy Center explain:

The film is a portrait of how a team of savvy, Machiavellian US political consultants parachuted into a country they knew nothing about and designed a strategy to return one of the nation’s most disliked political figures to the country’s highest office. When polling and focus groups show that Goni is unlikely to win any more than a quarter of the vote, the visitors from the US implement a strategy to knock down the support of anyone who might win more than that.

First off, go see the movie. Secondly, THIS GUY GOT GONI ELECTED. Yeah, Goni, wanted in Bolivia for his role in the in the killing of near 60 protesters, and now living a cushy lifestyle where else, but in the good ol' U.S of A. So far no love from any US administration on Bolivia's extradition request, not even from "Hopey and Changey" himself.

I just can't wait to see what Santos does with all that political capital Carville gets him.....

(h/t Justin Delacour.....image from ourbrandiscrisismovie.com)

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