Monday, March 15, 2010

Politics Trumps Truth, Venezuela Edition

In case anybody wanted further proof that the US just goes ahead and makes shit up when talking about Venezuela, lets take a look at recent statements by SOUTHCOM commander Douglas Fraser.

On Thursday he testified before the Armed Services Committee that "We have not seen any connections specifically that I can verify that there has been a direct government-to-terrorist connection." Then John McCain's head nearly exploded as he demanded Fraser acknowledge the magic laptops.
(note this picture was not from the briefing)

This led Fraser to say, "So there has been some -- some -- some old evidence, but I don't see that evidence. I can't tell you specifically whether that continues or not." And I'm thinking you know, this guy is alright, he's not full of shit like the rest of these guys, he's just giving his honest assessment, far out!

And then Friday....

Fraser, after meeting (being told what to say by) Assistant Secretary of State Valenzuela, offers this darling of a statement:

There is indeed clear and documented historical and ongoing evidence of the linkages between the Government of Venezuela and the FARC.
Whhhhaaaaat?? That must have been some crazy evidence that the State Department didn't share with their top military brass. Or another example of how when it comes to Venezuela, politics trumps truth.

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