Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Another Week in Sunny Colombia

So last week a human rights defender and a journalist were killed in Colombia, making it, well, your average spring week in our favorite LatAm client state. Shockingly, Big Al, made a statement condemning the death of journalist Clodomiro Castilla:

"We have made every effort to stop the threat of assassinations against journalists," he said. "Just when we thought we had overcome the tragic situation, more killings of journalists appear."

Very interesting, as this statement from RSF makes it seem like "every effort" was most certainly not made:

Reporters Without Borders urges the Colombian authorities, especially the interior ministry, to explain why they recently stopped providing protection for Clodomiro Castilla Ospina, a magazine editor and radio reporter who was gunned down in the northern department of Córdoba on 19 March.

Really, it all is not terribly surprising, Big Al has shown himself time and time again to not be the biggest fan of so called "human rights defenders" and "journalists". Just check this video out, one of my personal favorites, from Adam Isacson at Plan Colombia and Beyond.

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