Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh The Irony

So it appears that Chavez and Uribe are close to another reconciliation man hug, with Uribe even defending the Venezuelan Government from the Spanish court's accusations about involvement between the ETA, FARC and Venezuela. Never mind that the accusations are based on the infamous magic laptop of right wing lore. According to Colombia Reports, Uribe said:

"The fact is that if it is necessary to investigate a government official for participation in terrorism, that doesn't mean that that government or that state are terrorists or even participating," Uribe told a Medellin forum.

Honest Al, coming to the defense of his Venezuelan brothers. Or just defending his actual brothers? The Colombia government's connections aren't to left wing terrorists, so no big deal, but Al has got his own ties to worry about. I mean if someone wants to equate a Venezuelan government official with ties to terrorism to the Venezuela state sponsoring terrorism, they are going to have some tough questions to answer about Colombia. Shit, two weeks ago big Al's cousin (and former president of Congress) was arrested for ties to paramilitaries (right wing groups can be terrorists too!). Colombia Reports takes it from there:

The arrest took place after the Supreme Court gave an order to detain him on charges of conspiring with various members of paramilitary organizations to commit crimes. Uribe is allegedly linked with former paramilitary Jairo Castillo Peralta, aka "Pitirri," and Salvatore Mancuso, who commanded the Northern Bloc of the AUC (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia).
No big deal though, because as Al says, "to investigate a government official for participation in terrorism…doesn't mean that that government or that state are terrorists…"

Hugs all around!

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