Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bolivian Army unveils new logo

OK, so I'm a bit late on this one but the Bolivian government has unveiled the military's new logo, which as reported here a few days ago, features the indigenous wiphala. I've gotta say, it certainly looks far cooler than the stoic, ugly ass symbol of republicanism they had before. Great symbolism all around in the new one but instead of wasting your time while I try to unearth what little I remember from my liberal arts education, I'll leave all the artsy, visual interpreting stuff to vice president Alvaro García:
"The emblem brings together several elements that represent the nation, there's our three colors, the insignia of our nation, there's the wiphala, which captures the diversity of our peoples, of the cultures and regions of Bolivia... I celebrate this proposal that attempts to synthesize our vital forces, maintains what has been built in 180 years of republican life, the three colors with which we live and die to defend."

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