Friday, April 23, 2010

The Count: Goes to Greece

51... the percent of Greeks who, in a recent poll, thought that going to the IMF for help would hurt their country. See, the IMF has done been so fucked up in so many places that the Greeks, as bad as it might be, don't want anything to do with them. The Greeks have already been getting a steady dose of maladjustment in the form of "belt tightening", and they know turning to the IMF means even more. So, as Reuters reports:

The poll by Public Issue for Skai TV showed that 51 percent see the IMF's involvement as harmful while only 27 percent think it would be beneficial.

"As regards other countries which borrowed from the IMF, 52 percent of those asked think they did not benefit, while 28 percent said they did," Skai TV said.

Only 47 percent of those asked said they trusted Prime Minister George Papandreou to handle the economy compared to 55 percent in a similar poll in February.

The poll showed that 87 percent of Greeks were worried about the country's public debt, which based on government projections will hit 120 percent of GDP this year.

A bigger percentage thinks the overborrowed country could go bankrupt compared to February -- 55 compared to 38 percent.

So let me get this right, they think the country is going to go bankrupt, they don't trust the Prime Minister and they are scared about the country's debt….AND THEY STILL DON'T WANT THE IMF! You hear that IMF?!

A breath of fresh air really….but food for thought, if the alternative is the EU, is that any better?

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