Monday, April 26, 2010

Quote(s) of the Day

First, from Miguel d'Escoto the former President of the UN General Assembly on the US' role in the region, via Democracy NOW!:

We need the United States as much as we need arsenic, and that is the fact. We don’t need it. We would need it, if they wanted to join the rest of humanity and together work for a better future for all of us, but they are not doing that. They are instilling, they have instilled, a culture of death, of greed, of selfishness. And this is killing the world.

Word. And secondly and more comical, from Colombia presidential candidate and former Defense Minister Juan Manual Santos, describing the differences between him and Antanas Mockus, via Colombia Reports:

"I am different from him in many ways. Firstly, I shaved off my beard. I believe in God. I believe in having an army."

My preference is for beards...and atheism and no army for that matter...

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