Thursday, April 1, 2010

Internal CIA Memo Shows Covert US Support for the FARC

An internal memo, released on Wikileaks by an anonymous whistleblower, explains how the CIA has been using front organizations to channel money to the FARC. It seems that the "magic laptop", often used as evidence of Venezuelan support for the FARC, also listed Soluciones Integradas as a source of funding. The organization has been used as a CIA front in the past. When CIA agents realized this, an internal memo was circulated explaining the funding; it seems not everyone was aware of this shady covert action. The memo, from the fall of 2009 reads, "While the long-term goal of eliminating the FARC remains, it is in our short-term strategic interests to allow for a certain level of FARC activity." Although the laptops apparently revealed that the funding began in late 2005, the memo focuses on the importance of the funding for the future. Given that elections are upcoming in the fall, the memo notes that, "it is important that the democratic security policies of the current administration are continued." By financially supporting some FARC activity, it will provide the pretext for "ongoing military support." Finally, the memo writes, "The presence of a US-friendly government will act as a needed counter-weight to the dangerous rise of populism in the region."

The manufacturing of fear to convince a population of certain policies is nothing new for the CIA, but the irony in the fact that the only "proof" of Venezuelan or Ecuadoran support for the FARC also proves US support is pretty astonishing. It is also interesting that the funding began in 2005, just as Colombia was gearing up for another Presidential election.

Colombian officials are just beginning to respond to this revelation. Upon learning of the memo's existence, Uribe denied prior knowledge of the CIA's activities but refused to comment on whether this would have an impact on US-Colombian relations. "My government has no knowledge pointing to the authenticity of such a memo," Uribe stated, "and I urge the press to avoid jumping to conclusions."

Chávez, for his part, hailed the memo as "another indictment against the corrupt and morally degenerate imperial policies of the yankees empire."

"Although this type of covert operation would be expected from Mr. Danger," Chávez added, "I find it disappointing that such activities would continue under Obama."

Earlier today, German Mundarain, Venezuela's ambassador to the United Nations, formally denounced the US before the international body and introduced a resolution to have the US designated as a terror-supporting state. "It is time the international community wakes up and sees the US for what it really is," Mundarain told the press, "this type of intervention in the affairs of sovereign states simply cannot continue to be tolerated."

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