Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jackson Diehl is really pissed there aren't more covert, illegal wars

Or at least that is what one would have to infer after reading his latest deranged diatribe. Diehl, (better known as Jackson Peep) is one of the stooges that make up the Washington Post editorial board….he writes:

During the 1980s Ortega’s consolidation of power was regarded as deeply threatening by the Reagan administration, which sponsored an armed insurgency against the Sandinistas even after a prohibition by Congress. Now the strongman’s antics go virtually unnoticed in Washington, where the Obama administration has been largely indifferent to the spread of leftist authoritarianism from Venezuela to Ecuador, Bolivia and Central America.

Did he really just go there? Not. Very. Surprising.

(image courtesy of Diehl's favorite blog, Borev)

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  1. Yeh I noticed that article. The sad thing is it`s so normal to read crazy nonsense about the Latin American Left, that I passed right on without remark !