Monday, April 26, 2010

Obama speaks with Pepe "national reconciliation" Lobo

Why am I not surprised. Today Obama spoke for the first time with all around asshole Pepe "national reconciliation" Lobo. You see, although Obama is concerned about those recent "suspicious" murders of journalists (you know, the ones Lobo and his supporters couldn't possibly be involved with), he's nevertheless pleased with Lobo's great job promoting national reconciliation and all that democracy stuff. From the whitehouse press statement, via politico:
"The President commended President Lobo for his leadership in his first months in office in promoting national reconciliation and restoring democratic and constitutional order in Honduras. The President took particular note of the Truth Commission agreed to as part of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord and championed by President Lobo that is set to begin its work in the coming days.

President Obama expressed his concern with the human rights situation in Honduras, particularly the recent suspicious killings of a number of journalists and civic activists. The President welcomed President Lobo’s plan to fully and transparently investigate these cases as well as his commitment to improve the overall human rights situation."

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