Thursday, April 1, 2010

Geography for Dummies...

A nice catch by Jeff Koyen at True/Slant, who notices that Expedia has something against Haiti and posted the map above (the circle is his). Koyen writes:

There may not be any all-inclusive resorts or Cancun-style shitshow hotel deals — but the page’s title is “everything caribbean.” And, Expedia does offer flights to Port Au Prince (JFK to PAP, $466 roundtrip, connect in Santiago).

What’s worse, the entire island of Hispaniola is shown. But the word “Haiti” is nowhere to be found. Somewhere, Wyclef Jean is crying.

Truth, but you know what else is missing? And not just the word, but THE ENTIRE COUNTRY...Cuba!

OK, so Americans can't travel to Cuba and Expedia won't let me buy a ticket to Havana, but I'm not saying you need to put a sexy palm tree over the island like the DR gets, let alone advertise its gorgeous beaches and top notch resorts, just saying you shouldn't totally delete the country from the map!

Somewhere, Fidel is crying.

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