Friday, April 9, 2010

The Count

38,700,000... the dollar price tag on Evo's new presidential jet. That's right, Bolivia's prez is out shopping for a new Dassault Falcon 900.

But before you start jumping to the conclusion that the famously humble and austere prez is living it up, consider that the current presidential jet was bought back in 1975. Indeed, the decree authorizing the purchase cited "incidents that put in danger the lives of the head of state and those who accompany him, due to different technical malfunctions as well as a plane's normal wear and tear."

Also, $38.7 million isn't much when compared to high rollers like Brazil and Venezuela, with their big Airbus A319s (with average price tags of $70.3 million).

Now all that remains to be seen is what he'll name it. Any guesses?

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